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Great combination of language practice and daily excursions!

Our program is based on excursions combined with English language. The course is designed for chidren from 8-16 years old, from elementary to advanced levels. This

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England & Scotland

After arriving in England, the groups can enjoy a walk through the beautiful and historic streets of London, her the chimes of Big Ben, see Oxford the city of wisdom O

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England & Disneyland & Paris

Dreams Come True! If you click on "England + Disneyland Paris" you will combine not only linguistic practice in England and weekly visits to the most famous places in

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Our children - the best that we have. We always strive to give them more than we had ourselves because of certain reasons and circumstances. Modern parents need to set new goals to unleash the potential of their children. To help them find themselves and realize their greatest benefit – dreams. Studying English language in England - now, this is an understandable challenge and the reality corresponds to the needs of society. Proper motivation, the ability to apply their knowledge, creativity and thinking outside the box is the key to success and recognition. Our company is positioning itself as the first step on the road to success of your children - and therefore your success.

East-West Bridge Centre - is not just a training center in England! Parents trust us with the most precious thing they have - their children. We can proudly say that we can uphold their confidence. We give children the opportunity to not only raise the level of spoken English, but also to see and know the real England in all its glory.

East-West Bridge Centre is engaged in sightseeing and educational programs, with elements of language practice for students 8-16 years old, as well as their parents. This is a great opportunity to combine language practice with visiting excursions and outdoor activities. The program lasts for 1 week, 10 days, two or three weeks and includes language practice and daily excursions, sports and evening activities. Only when children immerse themselves in the language, they are able to relax and overcome barriers. English is not a pleasant part of the compulsory school course, it becomes the whole world, breathtaking in his arms, to discover new horizons and opportunities. In a compulsory course at school, learning English could be unpleasant. However, East –West Bridge offers the opportunity to discover new horizons and opportunities.

East-West Bridge Centre - the only company in the UK, which combines language practice with daily excursions with professional guides.

Our partners

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  4. Gymnasium of Scandinavian Languages, Kiev
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Advantages of learning English in the UK

English is one of the most popular in the world: it is spoken by over 300 million people living in English-speaking countries, and about 900 million foreigners. Language skills will allow your child to not only feel confident in the modern world, but also to build a successful career in any country. It's no secret that most effectively learn English in the UK - a country where the language of Shakespeare has been spoken for over a millennium. In addition, language practice in England is a great opportunity to study English without modern classic "impurities." For pupils, classes in England are a fun and educational experience because they are held in a fun and inspirational way. This approach ensures that the child will remember new information and be able to immediately put it into practice. Lessons are provided only by the most experienced and qualified teachers - native speakers, and the topics themselves are combined with exciting excursions and visits to theaters and museums. Each year to study in the UK come about 600 thousand students from many different countries.

Experienced teachers - native speakers


Various excursion program

Freshly prepared home- made meals.


Individual approach to each group


Why people choose us?

- Groups are welcomed all year round, not only on holidays

- experienced and professional teachers - native speakres

- comfortable accommodation

- home atmosphere

- freshly homemade food, 5 meals a day

- daily excursions with professional guide

- responsible group leader

- transport and a driver for each group

- individual approach to each group

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